December 21, 2020Tis The Season

Tis The Season: to give the best gift you can this year…


Repurposed items around the house can make excellent Christmas Tree Alternatives.  Smart practices of sustainability today help ensure that the needs of future generations are met.

5 ways to give your old household items a new holiday purpose.

  1. Reclaimed Pallet Christmas Tree

    Simple, Rustic, and Useful. What better way is there to repurpose than to dust off and reuse that old pallet that has been laying around in your yard. Pallets can make a great alternative Christmas Tree and it requires little assembly. Just add your eco-friendly paint or rope, lights, decorations and let the festivities begin.

  2. Wooden Crate Christmas Tree

    You have guessed it! Wooden crates are not just for storage anymore. Wooden crates are wonderful alternatives to a traditional tree and are great for those who are looking for a bit of creativity. Combine crates, decorate, and enjoy!

  3. Wine Cork Christmas Tree

    Great wines are not just for the expert connoisseur. Everyone can share in the enjoyment of owning a wine collection with this simple but beautiful Christmas decoration. Wine Cork Christmas Trees make awesome gifts at Christmas dinner, office, housewarming parties or as keepsakes. Cheers!

  4. Bottle Cap Holiday Art

    If you are a lover of art and enjoy a bit of crafting, here is a holiday repurpose idea for you. Your favorite refreshing beverage can be more than a thirst quencher.  Used bottle caps can be repurposed into many ideas. Holiday décor always make a great option because of the wide variety of color and character the caps add. So, think twice before you decide to trash that next cap.  You could be throwing away pieces of art.

  5. Salvage/Left Over Wood

    Have you ever had left over lumber from a project, torn down a fence and salvaged pieces of wood? Have you ever wondered what to do with those piles of wood? Well, wonder no more!  Salvaged and left-over lumber make excellent decorations for the holidays. Enjoy a reusable tree that can be assembled easily, put on a few Eco lights, pull out a few of the holiday bags that you keep from year to year and you are ready to celebrate.